Origin and evolution of business centers.

Business Centers have become a solution for companies of all sizes to obtain a professional workspace without having to deal with the costs and complications of owning their own office.

On another hand , following  evolution of work habits consequently to the pandemic years  companies are seeking to find flexibility in the office space they occupy.


Setting up of Business Centers

Business Centers originated in the 1980s in major U.S. business cities, from the call centers of business travellers when entrepreneurs began renting office space on a short-term basis to companies. These rental spaces were often equipped with furniture, Internet connectivity, concierge services and conference rooms. The rental of these offices was often complemented by additional services such as visitor reception, message taking and mail forwarding.


Business Centers evolution


Over time, Business Centers have developed to offer more flexible workspaces, enabling companies to rent office space for shorter periods. Offer has also expanded to include virtual Business Centers, providing technological tools to enable entrepreneurs to work remotely.

The advantages of using a Business Center are numerous. Companies can reduce the costs associated with renting a permanent office, paying only for the time they use the space; it also enables them to better manage their budget during periods when business may be slower. Businesses also benefit from the expertise of experienced staff to support office services and can take advantage of the flexibility offered for future business expansion.

In short, the emergence of Business Centers represented a visionary step forward for companies seeking to benefit from a professional workspace without incurring the costs and complications associated with owning a permanent office.


Why are Business Centers so popular ?


The Business Center solution is particularly popular with small companies, especially those just starting up. In order to get their business off the ground in the best possible conditions, the managers of these small structures prefer this solution to investing directly in traditional premises, which can be very costly:

– Financing of premises installation

– Lease contract

– Overheads (maintenance, security, heating, etc.)


Apart from the cost savings, this solution offers a prestigious address to corporate clients. And beautiful premises in a business district are more convincing when it comes to attracting customers, partners and collaborators of all kinds. On the other side, domiciliation in a Business Centers is very popular with companies based abroad, but needing a local address.

In addition, business center space rental offers can be customized in many ways. For example, companies needing only office space can rent it. Those who also need conference rooms can rent exactly what they need.


What about the services included in the offer like domiciliation ?


While this may seem like an easy task on the face of it, there are several pitfalls to be avoided in order to ensure that domiciliation complies with the current legal framework defined by the law of May 31, 1999. According to Art. 1 (1), when a company establishes a registered office with a third party in order to carry out an activity within the scope of its corporate purpose, and when this third party provides any services related to this activity, the company and this third party, known as the “domiciliataire”, are required to enter into a written domiciliation agreement. For more information on domiciliation in Luxembourg, please visit https://nci.lu/services-business-center-location-de-bureaux-luxembourg-cloche-dor-nci/domiciliation-dentreprise-business-center-luxembourg-cloche-dor-nci/.

Company domiciliation in a Business Center includes the basic physical facilities that every tenant company needs. These include furniture, internet installation and various rooms and offices. But for greater customer satisfaction, Business Centers generally offer other practical services, such as secretarial services, including call and mail reception. Technical office equipment such as printers and video projectors are also included in these practical services, as is catering, an asset not offered by all Business Centers.

Domiciliation in a Business Center is of great interest to new and small businesses, because it’s one of the best starting points for rapid expansion. Business Centers are associated with beautiful premises and prestigious addresses, assuming, of course, that you choose a modern location.


Little story of NCI Business Center Luxembourg


The NCI Business Center was created in Luxembourg in 2001.

Initially part of the “NCI Group”, it has been the location of many wonderful customers. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping companies find and design the ideal workspace for their employees. We design bright, inspiring workspaces that are customizable to individual needs, within environments that always remain professional. What sets us apart is our flexibility. All our services are offered on flexible terms. Companies can easily evolve according to their needs, and rent the right workspaces for today and tomorrow. All this has enabled us to grow significantly and remain one of the leaders in Luxembourg.


NCI Business was acquired in July 2022, while retaining the same professionalism and expertise. As we continue to evolve, we have undertaken to create a new Business Centers in the Kirchberg district. We continue to adapt to meet all your needs.

Choose a pleasant and stimulating working environment for your employees and give yourself every chance of success by choosing NCI Business Center ! 


Written in May 2023 by Perside Tchounga Sande

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