How to improve the well-being of your employees ?

Quality of life at work (QLW), combined with performance, has become a central issue for companies in recent years to attract and retain talented employees. “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin. According to a Harvard/MIT study, a happy employee is half as sick, six times less absent, nine times more loyal, 31% more productive and 55% more creative than a unsatisfied employee. But how do you improve the well-being of your employees in your company ? Discover our 10 tips to improve the well-being and therefore productivity of your employees.

1- Involve your employees

Ensure that each employee understands the company’s values, mission and targets.

Define precisely the role of each and emphasize the importance of the work of everyone, in the success of each project and therefore in the sustainability of the company.  An employee concerned, involved and convinced of the importance of his role in the success of a project, will give his maximum. 

2- Lead by example

If you want your team to be fully involved in your business, you need to lead by example and give it all. A good manager must be fulfilled, confident… but above all, make every effort to ensure that its employees are happy and therefore motivated (attentive listening, availability, organization of working time or recourse to telework, etc.).

3- Hence effective team work

Increase the productivity of your employees by creating a social connection within your team. Employees who feel supported and appreciated by their colleagues will invest more in the company. Organize breakfasts or lunches, contests (the most kitch Christmas sweater…), sports weekends (bootcamp, team building…); Offer yoga classes or cooking workshops, during the lunch break… The goal is to allow your employees to exchange ideas, get to know each other and increase the cohesion within your team.

4- Be flexible

Be flexible on schedules and trust your employees. 

Let them manage their work time. Over a day, there are necessarily hollow moments. You can’t always be at 100%. Let your employees give themselves small breaks, moments of relaxation to better focus on work. The key is to meet the deadlines and achieve targets. 

5- Connect

Regularly inform your employees about the completion of a project, the targets to be achieved. Re define priorities if necessary. These regular check points give a better visibility on the final goal and help motivate or maintain motivation within the team.

6- Motivate your people

A profit-sharing policy or the introduction of performance bonuses at all levels is a simple and effective way to motivate employees.

7- Value your employees

Recognize the efforts of your collaborators, highlight their work… Congratulate them.

You encourage your employees to continue to invest in their work and stimulate their motivation and productivity. 

8- Celebrate successes (even the smallest)

There are no small victories and each of them is an opportunity to thank your team and strengthen your employees’ sense of belonging. 

9- Promote training

Boost the productivity of your employees by encouraging and training them throughout their careers.

Everyone will win : your employees will feel valued and appreciated and therefore they will put the skills they have acquired at the service of the team and your company. 

10- Choose a pleasant work environment

By work environment, we mean all the material and human conditions (space, noise, air quality, luminosity, temperature, social relations…) that make up the work environment. 

And all these conditions directly influence the well-being of employees, in other words the quality of working life (QWL). 

Choose a work environment well soundproofed, bright… with spaces dedicated to relaxation and why not to nap with hammocks, sofas… or a games room with table football, table tennis… ; meeting rooms to work in groups without interfering with others, or on the contrary places to isolate oneself, to make telephone calls…  

But keep in mind that the more pleasant your workspace, the more your employees will be flourishing, in good disposition to work and therefore more efficient. 

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