Ergonomics, a tool for well-being at work

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Workplace wellness is a unifying concept that goes beyond workplace health. This well-being incorporates satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Today, office workers are increasingly sedentary and use their computers for extended periods of time. As a result, the static position of our employees can lead to m Here are some simple ergonomic tips to […]

How to improve the well-being of your employees ?

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Quality of life at work (QLW), combined with performance, has become a central issue for companies in recent years to attract and retain talented employees. “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin. According to a Harvard/MIT study, a happy employee is half as sick, six […]

Why choose a fully serviced office in a business center ?

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Putting your files in your new office from the first day without worrying about the connections of computer equipment, various subscriptions, office furniture, printer is a luxury. This luxury is made possible by choosing to rent flexible fully serviced and furnished offices. A practical, flexible solution adapted to the needs of modern companies. This office […]