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in the city of Luxembourg?

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Established for over 20 years in the Cloche d’Or district, NCI offers offices of all sizes and quality services.

Located at the entrance of the city of Luxembourg, in the Cloche d’Or district, which is expanding rapidly and just a stone’s throw away from the new Auchan shopping center, our business center will captivate you with its location as well as its services. Its transparent facade allowing ample natural light, the quality of its finishes, and its high-tech equipment make it an ideal setting for your company. Whether you have one to fifty employees, for a day or more, you can rent and personalize one or more offices, or rent one of our meeting rooms as needed. Our fully equipped offices of all sizes will meet your needs.

You connect your computer and immediately focus on your business.

Secure 24/7 access, prestigious office, high-speed internet connection, reception service, meeting rooms equipped for video conferencing, are the ingredients provided for your success.

Why choose NCI Business center ?

  • For its location: NCI is located in the Cloche d’Or district, which will eventually become the “2nd City Center”. Highly sought after by major names in finance. The junction of the 3 highways from Germany, Belgium, and France makes it a strategic location, a key factor in choosing office space for your company.

    The Cloche d’Or district is booming, with many multinational and local companies establishing themselves there. It’s an ideal place for companies looking to be at the heart of the action, with easy access to public transportation, restaurants, and shops nearby

  • For their architecture: transparent facade, modern and bright offices, and hi-tech equipment make it the ideal setting to domicile your company. With flexible and modular workspaces, meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, relaxation areas for employees, and modern equipped offices, your space becomes a more ergonomic work environment, improving productivity and employee well-being.

    The choice of architecture for a business center is crucial because it must reflect the professional and modern image of your company. The transparent facade is a wise choice as it allows natural light to enter, creating a pleasant and stimulating work environment for your employees. Additionally, it gives an impression of openness and transparency, which is also important for clients, business partners, and collaboration with teams in different locations.
  • Secure access 24/7: Secure 24/7 access to your office and private parking is a key advantage offered by our business centers. This allows our clients to work at their convenience, at any time of day or night, without worrying about access to their office or parking. This is particularly important for professionals who have flexible working hours or who work on urgent projects that require constant access to their office. In addition, secure access ensures the safety of our clients and their property. Our business centers have a sophisticated security system, including surveillance cameras and access controls, which ensure the security of our clients’ premises and property. The private underground parking areas are also secure and offer additional protection for our clients’ vehicles.
  • For accessibility: Our Business Center is located less than three minutes from the A1, A3, and A6 highways, providing instant access to Belgium, France, or Germany. In addition to transit traffic, commuters flock to Luxembourg daily. Consequently, our location less than 3 minutes from the highway interchanges is a valuable asset for reducing your employees’ stress by minimizing time spent in traffic. This offers our clients great flexibility for their business travels, a key element for companies that need to travel regularly to meet clients or economic partners
  • The arrival of the tramway in the coming weeks (May 2024) will allow crossing the city of Luxembourg from end to end and even connecting to the Luxembourg International Airport. This is a considerable advantage for employees who need to travel frequently or receive local or international visitors. It significantly reduces travel times and facilitates business exchanges. It also facilitates travel between different neighborhoods of the city and reduces the environmental impact of car travel
  • For their quality of personalized services, relaxation areas, and equipped kitchens, our business centers stand out for the quality of their personalized services, which meet the specific needs of each company. In addition to flexible and modular workspaces that can be adapted to the needs of each company, we also offer relaxation areas that allow employees to recharge and relax between meetings. These spaces are equipped with comfortable furniture, plants, and soothing decorations to promote a pleasant work environment conducive to creativity. Additionally, we provide equipped kitchens for companies to prepare meals on-site and enjoy a convivial space for lunch breaks. These kitchens are equipped with everything necessary to prepare meals, with high-quality appliances and modern kitchen utensils.
  • For their proximity to shops, European institutions, leading audit companies, and consulting firms. The proximity to shops is a major asset for companies looking to attract employees and offer quality and convenient services for their lunch breaks or even at the end of the day. Finally, the recent arrival of the new Cloche d’Or shopping center, the 4th finalist at MAPIC 2019 for its architectural quality and commercial offer due to its diversity with brands rarely represented in Luxembourg, is a major asset for companies looking to offer benefits and diversification to their employees. They can thus benefit from easy access to various shops, restaurants, and varied local services, which can improve their quality of life and job satisfaction.
NCI Businees Center Luxembourg
NCI Businees Center Luxembourg
NCI Businees Center Luxembourg
NCI Businees Center Luxembourg
NCI Businees Center Luxembourg