Green Urban Mobility arrives in Cloche d’Or and at the NCI Business Center.

Do you have a training session, an appointment, an office at the NCI Business Center, or a new job in the Cloche d’Or district and are still wondering how to reach this vibrant area in the south of Luxembourg City?

In the spring of 2024, the extension of the Luxembourg Tram line was completed. From the airport in the eastern part of the city, the tram now not only serves the Kirchberg district but also Luxembourg City’s central station and the P+R at the national football stadium. The arrival of the tram now greatly facilitates the mobility of many workers in the Cloche d’Or district, who benefit from two additional stops. Our business center on Rue Eugène Ruppert is just a 5-minute walk from the “Lycée Vauban” stop.

The principle of multimodal transport in Luxembourg (bus, tram, train) facilitates mobility and connections with other modes of transport, including P+R (Park & Ride). Cloche d’Or is also intersected by several bus lines that use dedicated lanes, offering quick access to the city center.

Since 2020, Luxembourg has been the first country in the world to offer free travel on all public transport for everyone (residents and non-residents). The goal of this revolutionary initiative, which remains rare in Europe (with Montpellier, Tallinn, and Malta following suit), is to encourage the use of public transport to minimize the use of cars. The roads around the capital are often congested during morning and evening rush hours, so this initiative helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Luxembourg has the highest car density in Europe, with 696 cars per 1,000 inhabitants, compared to a European average of 560. Only a fortunate few have parking facilities on their premises. These parking spaces are becoming increasingly scarce as the ratio of buildable parking spaces to available office space square meter becomes more stringent. At the NCI Business Center, we are fortunate to have numerous parking spaces available for our customers occupying serviced offices or renting meeting rooms.

For the more active, safe cycle lanes have been designed to connect certain districts such as Cessange, Gasperich, and Howald. They are separated from road traffic, offering the opportunity to go for a ride and get some fresh air between meetings or during lunch breaks.

As you can see, with the multi-modal tram entering commercial service at Cloche d’Or on July 7, there are many transport options for getting to the office while avoiding the car as much as possible in an environmentally-friendly, economical, and practical manner.

Post written by Alicia Canadas July 5th 2024.

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